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Yilan / Suao Cold Spring
Suao Cold Spring
The two nations in the world with precious cold spring resources are Italy and Taiwan. Among cold springs in Taiwan, Yilan Suao Cold Spring is the most notable one. Unlike hot springs, the average water temperature of Suao cold spring is below twenty-two degrees Celsius, its water is odorless, clear, and drinkable. With this distinctive cold spring resource, Suao Cold Spring is a popular place to visit for your Yilan travel.

Suao Cold Spring is located in the north of Suao Town, about 300 meters away from the Suao Train Station. When bathing in cold spring, visitors shall feel the coldness of water in the first two to five minutes, bodies shall feel warmed and heated up after adapted to the water temperature. There are also bubbles popping up from the bottom that bring you feelings like taking a bubble bath.

Suao Cold Spring has a unique water quality which makes it drinkable. Cold spring water in Suao contains sodium bicarbonate which is good for cuisine and beverages productions. Delicious Yokan, and popular Crystal Ball Soda are made of this precious water resource. Do not miss to try these cold spring made specialties.Before Suao tourism prospers, the locals found dead bodies of insects in cold spring water. Therefore, the water resources were thought to be poisonous. Until Japanese occupation, a Japanese soldier name Takenaka accidentally drank the water and brought him consciousness which arouse his curiosity, and later came out with a surprising analysis. According to his analysis, spring water has curative effects to skin diseases and intestinal illnesses.
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Suggested Yilan Itineraries:
By Public Transportatio:
1. From Taipei, take the Northern Cross-island Route train or and get off at Suaosi Station.
2. From Yilan, take the bus bound for Nan Fang-ao or Suao and get off at Suao stop.
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No.113, Xindian Rd., Wujie Township, Yilan County, Taiwan
No.168, Meishan Rd., Dongshan Township, Yilan County, Taiwan
No.15, Ln. 13, Xiehe Central Rd., Wujie Township, Yilan County 268, Taiwan
No.155, Gongzheng Rd., Luodong Township, Yilan County 265, Taiwan


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