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Hsinchu / Neiwan Old Street
Neiwan Old Street
Located in Hengshan Town of Hsinchu County, Neiwan is a beautiful Taiwan destination surrounded by hills, mountains, and waters, with mostly Hakka people residing today. The area of Neiwan was originally the homeland of Taiwan’s indigenous Atayal aborigines, and later 12 Hakka families chose to reside in this area. The Japanese forced the indigenous to leave the area around 1907. Neiwan gradually became the home of many Hakka people over the years. Also, due to the climate similar to Kyushu of Japan, the Japanese planted large amount of cherry trees. Hence, Neiwan is also known as “Sakura (Cherry Blossoms) Village”.

The famous Neiwan Old Street is a vivid street lined with traditional wooden architectures and stores, where visitors may savor traditional Hakka eateries and shops by the old Neiwan Railway Station. Visitors are to enjoy an authentic Hakka gourmet feast of ginger lily-flavored glutinous rice dumpling, Hakka tea, Hakka rice cakes and many others embraced by reminiscent atmosphere.

Apart from savoring all kinds of Taiwan Hakka snacks, visitors may also find Neiwan Theater, a comic museum, and a suspension bridge in this area. Neiwan Old Street was originally established by Neiwan Old Street to fulfill the hunger of travelers. However, TRA Neiwan Branch Line is currently closed and expected to resume again in December, 2014.

Hengshan Town is rich in agricultural resources, timbers and minerals. In the past, Neiwan Old Street was the main passageway to the forests. Therefore, it was jammed by workers coming and going for a living. Today, Neiwan Old Street is crowded by visitors for tasty Hakka dishes, beautiful surroundings, as well as the old Japanese-style Neiwan Railway Station.
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By Train -> Bus:
Take Hsinchu Bus-Zhudong line, Qionglin line, or Zhushan line from Hsinchu Railway Station to Zhudong Station. From there, take Hsinchu Bus-Neiwan line, Naluo line or Meihua line to Neiwan Old Street.


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