Wushe Street Set from Seediq Bale: Warriors of the Rainbow To Be Seen in Linkou, New Taipei City

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Wushe Street set in Linkou (Photo: Eva Pan)

Wushe Street set in Linkou (Photo: Eva Pan)

Seediq Bale: Warriors of the Rainbow is a big Taiwan budget film based on the Wushe Incident – an uprising against Japanese occupation forces in the 1930s led by the Seediq indigenous hero, Mona Rudao. The movie took the director Wei Te-sheng more than 10 years and twd 700 million to complete. It will be released in two parts titled “Flags of the Sun”, and “Rainbow Bridge”. Seediq Bale: Warriors of the Rainbow has been nominated for both the Golden Lion Award and the 2011 Venice Film Festival.

Seediq Bale: Warriors of the Rainbow was completely filmed in Taiwan. Starting from September 14, 2011, visitors will be able to visit the key set of Wushe Street in Linkou District of New Taipei City, Taiwan. Wushe Street set in Linkou cost twd 800 million to reappear the old ambience and atmosphere of where the incident happened in Wushe of Nantou County, Taiwan (Wushe is the old name of today’s Ren’ai Town in Nantou.) Visitors will be led onto a time machine since the moment they enter the set. Japanese-style wooden houses, school, household accessories, as well as cherry trees can be found just as if you were now living in that period of time.

To avoid jams and destructions, Wushe Street set  in Linkou allows only 5,000 limited entries a day, three days reservation in advance is required and direct shuttle service from Bali, Banqiao and Linkou are offered to avoid crowds and traffics, parking spaces are limited and visitors are strongly advised not to come in their own vehicles. The admission fee is twd 100-180 per adult (price to be determined by the departure location of the shuttle buses), which includes shuttle bus fare to the set. Tickets can be reserved and purchased at 7-Eleven ibon or tickts.books.com.tw (booking system currently available only in Mandarin.)

Linkou Wushe Street set opens 4 sessions a day from 09:00-21:00. The first three sessions: 09:00-12:00, 12:00-15:00, and 15:00-18:00 has a limitation of 1,500 people per session, while the evening session from 18:00-21:00 has a limitation of 1,000 people. Please visit the official web site of Wushe Street set for more information (available only in Mandarin).

As Wushe Incident plays an important role in Taiwan’s history, the Cultural Affairs Department of New Taipei City Government work together with the National Taiwan Museum and Shihshanhang Museum of Archaeology have planned a number of exhibitions. The exhibition is available from 2011/09/06-2011/10/30 at the National Taiwan Museum titled “Reappearing Seediq-Collection of Seediq Heritage”, displaying traditional clothing and weapons of Seediq indigenous. The exhibition at Shihshanhang Museum of Archaeology available from 2011/09/09-2012/04/01 is titled “Remembering Bale- Heritage of Seediq” , featuring handicrafts of Seediq that unveil their culture.

Plan yourself a 2 day 1 night Seediq Bale New Taipei City tour.
Day 1:
Seediq Bale Wushe Street set in Linkou -> Shihshanhang Museum of Archaeology -> Bali -> Danshui Hotel

Day 2:
Danshui must-sees (Fort San Domingo, Little White House, Fort Huwei, etc) -> Danshui Old Street for all kinds of mouthwatering Taiwan delights

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