(Taipei) Fun Shopping in Taipei East Commercial District

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Taipei East Commercial District

Taipei East Commercial District

The east commercial district is the most prosperous place in Taipei. It covers all the eastern part of Taipei City from Fuxing S. Road to Nangang District. Through the convenient MRT (blue line), visitors may get there fast and safe.

* The MRT Zhongxiao Fuxing Station is right under the SOGO Department Store Zhongxiao Branch, and connects to the East District Underground Shopping Street. Visitors may shop at the underground shopping street on east side, SOGO Zhongxiao Branch (exit 4), SOGO Department Store Fuxing Branch (exit 2), and the Breeze Center on Fuxing S. Road (exit 5). Since there are many shops and stores located in the underground shopping street, visitors may compare the prices before purchasing. There are many popular restaurants around so guests may choose to have lunch or dinner there.

* The MRT Zhongxiao Dunhua Station is located under Zhongxiao E. Road. It connects to the East District Underground Shopping Street. Visitors may go to the biggest bookstore, the Eslite Bookstore (exit 6), and the boutique department store, SOGO Dunhua Branch (exit 6).

* The MRT Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall Station is located under Zhongxiao E. Road. Visitors may go to the Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall (exit 4) watching the changing ceremony of the honor guard, appreciating sceneries and birds, feeding fish, flying kites, as well as taking strolls.

* The MRT City Hall Station is located under the well-known Xinyi Commercial District on Zhongxiao E. Road. Visitors may exit at exit 3 to the Shin Kong Mitsukoshi department stores, New York New York Shopping Center, Vie Show Cinemas, Taipei World Trade Center, as well as Taipei 101. The four Mitsukoshi department stores include New Life Square A4, A8, A9, and A11. A9 Hall and Taipei 101 are the boutique department stores with brand name stores such as CHANEL, GUCCI, and COACH. Visitors may have fun shopping in the Xinyi Commercial District.
So come to East Commercial District and to explore Taipei City!

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