(Yunlin) 2011 Yunlin International Puppet Festival

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Taiwan Traditional Puppets

Taiwan Traditional Puppets

Event: 2011 Yunlin International Puppet Festival
Date: 2011/10/8-2011/10/16
Location: Yunlin Story House & Yulin Huwei Puppet Museum

The 9th Yunlin International Puppet Festival will be kicking off on 8th of October, 2011 in Yulin County, Taiwan. As the homeland of Taiwan’s traditional puppet arts, Yulin posses a number of puppet schools that are still relatively active today. Organized by the Cultural Affairs Department of Yunlin County Government since 1999, Yulin International Puppet Festival has grown into a vivid international event that gathers many international visitors and groups each year for the puppet shows, puppet parades, lectures, and presentations in Yunlin.

The 2011 Yunlin International Puppet Festival is to be held from October 8th, 2011 through October 16th, 2011 at the Yunlin Story House and Yunlin Huwei Puppet Museum. During the 9 days of the festival, visitors will be able to see the great skills of puppet masters from Taiwan and other international destinations, including Argentina, Canada, Indonesia, Italy, and the United States of America. The experts are to showcase their techniques and know-how during the event. There will also be lessons given by Taiwan puppet masters on how to control and play with the puppets, as well as a number of interactive activities for visitors to have a big picture on Taiwan’s traditional puppet culture.

Puppet show tickets to be booked online now at the official web site of Yunlin Story House (official site currently only available in Mandarin).

Apart from attending the 2011 Yunlin International Puppet Festival, Yunlin County is a wonderful Taiwan destination enriched with traditional cultures, delights and histories, as well as natural sceneries for one to experience a distinctive Taiwan travel experience.

Book your tickets and Yunlin accommodation early to join this splendid international puppet event!

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